Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for governing all activities of the Student Foundation. The board is composed of 6 executive officers, 22 at-large trustees, and 5 ex-officio members.

The 2017-2018 Board of Trustees

Ryan Cote, Chairman
Grayson Levitt, Chairman of Development Committee
Isabella Blanes, Chairwoman of Administrative Affairs Committee
Caleb Dawkins, Chairman of Advancement Relations Committee
Beatrice Valenti, Secretary
Alex Rose, Treasurer

At-Large Members:
Edgar Barrios
Nicole Blonsick
Mackenzie Bowlin
Chris Cote
Steven Crain
Vince Dewar
Kevin DiMatteo
Carlton DiSalvo
Jaelee Edmond
Kedric Heyward
Colleen Kane
Quentin Knight
Santiago Marti Garro
Jade McGrath
Ansley Schoen
Peter Singhal
Brent Terry
David Walsh
Raymond Walsh
Victoria Weler
Shawn Whyte

Ex-Officio Members:
Kyle Hill, Student Body President
William Whitmire, Student Alumni Association President
Isaac Urichko, Student Boosters President
Parker Eastland, IFC President
Caitlyn Simpson, Panhellenic President


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