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Totika Spotlight - Dance Marathon

Tallahassee, FL- Dance Marathon serves as the largest student run philanthropy on FSU’s campus. It is a year-long effort that allows more than 1,800 students to use creative ways to raise money for the kids and bring awareness for the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Shands Children’s Hospital, and the FSU College of Medicine. After raising an astounding $1,435,120.32 last year this organization has no plans of slowing down. 

In the midst of the hectic fall semester, we managed to sit down with Recruitment Chair, Brittany Sinitch, to discuss her organizations goals, passions and aspirations for this year. 

Student Foundation (SF): Can you give us a little insight into what’s going on this semester?

Brittany Sinitch (BS): My life right now is Dance Marathon 24/7. There is always so much to do for this movement. Whether that is speaking with new organizations about how they can get involved or what they can do to make this movement even greater. The Recruitment Team oversees the recruitment of miracle makers for Dance Marathon at FSU as well as Market Wednesday events and our alumni team. 

SF: Why did you get involved with Dance Marathon?

BS: When I was a freshman I was looking to find my purpose at FSU. I wanted that family aspect where I could benefit someone else, something bigger than myself. I remember being in the union one day where I saw a table with cotton candy and people dancing around in tutu’s—I thought, this is something that I need to be apart of. When I learned that this was a yearlong movement where students raise funds for those who need them the most, I immediately knew that this was for me. I wanted to be apart of this special movement, because I wanted to impact the lives of children to just let them be kids. I wanted to be that support to the families who were struggling and fighting everyday, and so I did. 

SF: Why are you passionate about your organization?

BS: I’m passionate about my organization, because we are directly helping someone right this second. Every single dollar that we raise goes directly into our grand total, where we are able to make miracles for a child and for their families. I can’t describe the feeling I get when I receive a donation—you really just can’t describe it. This movement is so much bigger than anything that I have ever been apart of. It really is addicting. Once you realize that you are making an impact in these kid’s lives, you just can’t stop. We are making miracles every single day. We are a driving force and we are making this movement so diverse and allowing for everyone at FSU to make miracles with us. 

SF: How did you feel when you won Totika?

BS: We were actually at our Dance Marathon retreat when I found out. I was super excited. I’m just humbled by it because I think back to the person I was freshman year and how lost I was, but I’ve learned that if you do not give up on your dreams, so many incredible things could happen. After raising $11,000 and being recognized for my commitment to something that I am so passionate about keeps me going. I’m so thankful that you all recognize students and their passions. 

SF: What is your vision?

BS: My main goal is to recruit as many organizations as possible by letting them know that everyone has the chance to fundraise for our movement. I feel like it has been really successful so far. Most of the colleges and Resident Halls are all apart of a team this year. We even have a Quiditch team! We are also working with multicultural organizations to make our movement as diverse as possible, because it is so beyond who we are individuals. I feel like it is our job and our duty just to give the world a reason to dance. 

SF: If there was one thing you would want everyone to know about Dance Marathon what would it be?

BS: When you hear the words Dance Marathon I want everyone to know that it is not just a big dance party or one group of people or one weekend. We are a yearlong movement, we are uniting the entire university and community under one cause and we are doing it all together to make miracles.