The Student Foundation looks to support projects and campaigns that have a positive impact on the Florida State community. In the long term, we hope to manage several endowments that we actively raise funds for and make decisions on where to allocate this money. What makes the Student Foundation unique is that it is entirely run by students. We choose which projects we want to support and we choose how funds raised will best support the mission of the projects.

All funds raised are invested as principal with the Florida State University Foundation. The interest accrued from these accounts are then dispersed by our Investment & Management team to our Allocations Committee. The Allocations Committee then determines what specific projects those funds will be spent on, a decision that is approved by our student-led Board of Trustees.

Please read more about our fundraising history below.

Fundraising History

The Florida State University Student Foundation is committed to supporting the enrichment of Florida State University and its students. The Student Foundation raises, invests, manages, and allocates funds for the further advancement of Florida State University with an emphasis on enhancing student development and the collegiate experience. Our contributions to date include:

$13,000 Unconquered Scholars

$450,000 Garnet & Gold Scholar Society
$45,000+ Undergraduate Research
$10,000 Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement
$10,000 Student Veterans Initiatives
$10,000 50th Anniversary of Integration
$10,000 Faculty Travel Grants Program
$1,200 Student Food Pantry
$1,000 Honors, Scholars & Fellows House

Updated: Spring 2021

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