Protect Our Professors

Protect Our Professors was a fund raising campaign started in the early spring of 2009 by a dedicated group of students, faculty and administrators. Our goal was to raise awareness of the budget cuts facing the university system due to the major economic and fiscal crisis in the Florida Legislature for that year. We also raised money for the purpose of easing financial cuts made to key academic areas of the university. In a matter of months, we raised $140,000 for this purpose.

Protect Our Professors was evolved into the Student Foundation one year later in the spring of 2010. This was done so that the spirit of student philanthropy developed in the original POP campaign could be sustainable and long lasting. The Student Foundation offers a broader mission and can adapt to the economic environment of the university, whether good or bad.

In June of 2010, the Student Foundation Board of Trustees voted to endow $80,000 of the Protect Our Professors fund so that academic programs could be funded from this account for as long as the project exists. We are currently doing research on how to allocate the remaining $60,000 to best serve the faculty and students of Florida State University.

Below is the official fund agreement creating the POP Endowment and specifying where these funds can be allocated in the future.

Download a copy of the POP Endowment Fund Agreement

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