Click "Yes"

The Click "Yes" campaign officially launched in the fall of 2012. This campaign is as simple as it sounds. Every semester, course registration opens up for over 40,000 students who are given the option to Click "Yes" which then donates $10 to this fund.

Funds raised from the Click "Yes" campaign directly support the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society.

Garnet & Gold Scholar Society

The Garnet & Gold Scholar Society is the brainchild of former FSU President Eric J. Barron, who entered office in February of 2010. The intention of the program is to recognize students who participate in activities fostering the skills of Leadership, Service, Internship, International Experience and Research. Any student that proves their worth in three of these areas will receive the designation upon graduation.

For more information on the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society click here.

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