Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for governing all activities of the Student Foundation. The board is composed of 7 executive officers, 25 at-large trustees, and 3 ex-officio members.

The 2022-2023 Board of Trustees

Jack Hitchcock, Chair
Daylyn Randolph, Vice Chair
Urielle Laurent, Treasurer
John Spencer Wallace, Director of Administration
Rodney Wells, Director of Annual Giving
Maggie Gahan, Director of Marketing
Jodane Mowatt, Director of Outreach
Erick Jarquin, Co-Director of Programming
Jean Oguntade, Co-Director of Programming
Ernesto Cachon, Accountability Officer
Trevor Murray, Secretary
Omer Turkomer, Administrative Trustee
Jayson Fry, Annual Giving Trustee
Jack Long, Annual Giving Trustee
Cassidy Rider, Annual Giving Trustee
Katie Russell, Annual Giving Trustee
Ambrielle Samuels, Annual Giving Trustee
Karrington Hickman, Annual Giving Trustee
Emily Boden, Photography Trustee
Emily Schwartz, Graphic Design Trustee
Josie St. Hilaire, Social Media Trustee
Andrea Villasmil, Public Relations Trustee
Allison Denison, Recruitment Trustee
Kate Hitchcock, Greek Outreach Trustee
Amelia Isaacs, Alumni Officer
Ryan O'Malley, Greek Outreach Trustee
Hannah Smith, Online Outreach Trustee
Nicole Alvarado, Creative Trustee
Juan Bustamante, Creative Trustee
Arthi Solayappan, Creative Trustee
Jovan St. Victor, Creative Trustee
Ryan Rankine, Creative Trustee


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